Book Review: Good to Great in God’s Eyes

Good to Great in God's Eyes Book Cover Good to Great in God's Eyes
Chip Ingram
Baker Books
April 4, 2017

Now poised to reach a new readership, Good to Great in God's Eyes shows how Christians can honor God with lives of great faith and excellent work. Believers become great in God's eyes by applying the ten common characteristics of great Christians: - think great thoughts - read great books - pursue great people - dream great dreams - pray great prayers - take great risks - make great sacrifices - enjoy great moments - empower great people - develop great habits Using Scripture, personal stories, and examples from Christians who left a lasting legacy, bestselling author Chip Ingram offers practical steps for becoming great in all areas of life, in spiritual growth, family, relationships, and career. Includes a foreword by Bob Buford and helpful discussion questions to facilitate group or individual study.

Christians are always looking for ways to improve themselves. It goes along with conviction and desire to live to be more Christ-like. Chip Ingram has penned a beauty in identifying 10 terrific areas of the Christian life to improve, taking you from a good Christian to a great Christian.

Chip is going to challenging to think great thoughts, fill your mind with great books, surround yourself with great people, and then takes you through a better understand of prayer, risks, and empowering great people. This is only the surface of a book that is rich in scripture and practical examples of elevating each of these topics.

In reading this book, my eyes were opened up to how I should structure my friendships. Finding a mentor figure, and growing my prayer life. It helped me reinforce that reading great books was the nourishment that my mind needed. Finding a mentor has been my biggest struggle, and his point of almost stalking someone really hit home. It even made me think I should stalk Chip.

I normally spend 1-2 weeks reading a good book. This one had discussion and challenges at the end of each chapter. It kept me engaged for 3 months while I read and re-read chapters and parts of chapters. I filled out 3×5 cards as Chip instructed me, and used it as a true guide of growth.

I can’t emphasize enough. Buy this book. Read this book, and re-read this book. Don’t put it down until you’ve grown from it after every chapter. May you find this one of your Paul’s in life.

Written by Dan
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