Book Review: Making All Things New

Making All Things New Book Cover Making All Things New
R. York Moore
InterVarsity Press
November 3, 2012

Often this world seems like a nightmare. Human trafficking, young girls trapped in brothels, child soldiers forced to become killers, unchecked plagues and diseases, economic injustice and the oppression of the poor. Millions around the world are trapped in this nightmare, and we may feel helpless to do anything about it. But God has a dream. York Moore paints a vivid picture of how the dream of God is breaking into history to make all things new. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God is bringing an end to the world's nightmare of sin and death. Scripture's vision of Jesus' end-time work shows how the wrongs will be made right, and God's just judgment is good news for the world. Unpacking how the Bible describes the last things, Moore shows how we can partner with God as he brings his dream to reality. Every time a well is dug for a community, food is provided for the hungry or sex traffickers are brought to justice, the dream begins to take hold. This is no mere wishful thinking. The dream of God is more real than your dreams could ever imagine. It is what we were created for. So wake up from the nightmare and join in what God is doing in the world. And flourish as your own dreams are transformed by God's dream for all creation.

York masterfully takes you through an adventure of God’s dream in this well written book of eschatology and social justice. You’ll be challenged by his personal accounts of how God transformed him from an atheist to a man of God completely on fire for Jesus Christ and His church.

Its the story that God is dreaming of. A world of justice without sin and hardship. A perfect world ruled by Jesus Christ Himself. A story presented through eschatology, personal stories, and scripture, York’s book is sound.

You’ll have a whole new view of what social justice really looks like, and an understanding of it from a biblical perspective. You’ll have a completely new outlook on God’s dream and the coming marriage supper. This book starts strong, gets you excited, and takes you on an incredible journey of transformation that will inspire you and move you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.

Its not a heavy read. I found the book on (kind of like a kindle unlimited service, but better) and was able to finish the book in a week. He doesn’t use a giant vocabulary to make himself look intelligent. Instead, he let’s the word of God and his story guide you in understand God’s dream and your part in it all.

This is one of those books you won’t put down for a couple of hours at a time.


Written by Dan
This is my collection of bible study lessons and book reviews. I am the Executive Pastor of Cross Waves Church and graduate of the Willmington School of the Bible, part of the Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity.