Book Review: Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit Book Cover Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit
Charles Stanley
Thomas Nelson
March 9, 2005

Is the third Person of the Trinity a distant mystery, a vague cosmic force? Many believers acknowledge Him as a component of faith?but perhaps not as a reality in their daily spiritual walk. Yet the Bible is clear: the Holy Spirit is a vital, equal part of God, promised by the Father to all Christians. In Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit, beloved pastor and Bible teacher Charles Stanley reveals the inner working of the Spirit with simple, straightforward wisdom. With this book, you can better experience this awesome gift of God as you discover: What holiness is?and is not Seven works of the Holy Spirit in your life Three potentials God desires you to develop How to remain full of the Holy Spirit Four great questions to ask God every day If you are faltering, or easily fall prey to temptation, maybe you've forgotten to rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit and begun to rely only on yourself. The Christian life is meant to be increasingly dependent on His power working within you. Learn today to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I came in contact with a person who was talking about his visions and tongues and all kinds of other things. I didn’t know how to respond to it, so I began to read up on the subject of gifts and the Holy Spirit more in-depth. Charles Stanley’s “Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit” was a good supplement to all the other books I’ve read this year. He gives you a biblical overview of what the scriptures say, and interjects his own teachings around it, so that you can better understand the Holy Spirit in comparison to non-biblical movements.

This was a very quick and easy read. Barely cracking 100 pages, Stanley doesn’t add a lot of unneeded words and quips to his book. Packed with scripture, you’ll glide through 8 chapters of to-the-point reading about God’s promise, who the Holy Spirit is, and how to live to your full potential, all while remaining full of the Holy Spirit.

I wasn’t looking for a short quick read. I wasn’t even looking for another book on the topic of the Holy Spirit or His gifts. I am glad I found this one, because it is a winner. Stanley does a mostly good job of backing up everything with scripture. I did have one thing jump out at me that I questioned, and something he didn’t back up with scripture, but it was so minor it isn’t even worth mentioning by topic.

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn more about the true work of the Holy Spirit. You’ll gain insightful knowledge from someone who has the ability to break it down and teach it to you. You can sit down in one afternoon and finish this book. I’d pick it up today.

Written by Dan
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