Book Review: Strange Fire

Strange Fire Book Cover Strange Fire
John MacArthur
Nelson Books

Scripture calls us to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Anything un-holy-- including prophecy, and religious hypocrisy-- is a kind of "strange fire," deserving of the most severe judgment. MacArthur provides a rigorous evaluation of those whose foundation and direction have betrayed the God they claim to represent.

Nadab and Abihu, sons of Aaron, the brother of Moses, took God’s power into their own hands, thus being consumed by fire. In John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire”, he examines the dangerous practice of grieving the Holy Spirit, while building up your knowledge of true spiritual gifts, and the fruits of the spirit.

MacArthur starts off with an introduction and back-story of the two sons of Aaron. He expands into 3 parts for this book after that. Each part is made up of 4 chapters containing scripture, history, and experiences.

In part one, he confronts a counterfeit revival. A revival based on babbling, rolling on the ground, and false healing. He takes you through a history lesson and presents you with scripture that completely contradicts what early promoters of the charismatic movement were preaching. You’ll get a very solid understanding of how to test the spirits, and discern good from evil.

Part two exposes the fake gifts that many charismatic and TV preachers claim they have. He specifically calls out many prominent names and exposes them for the false teachers they are. You’ll have a firm grasp on the apostolic age, and why it didn’t exist beyond the foundational years of the Church. I also loved that he didn’t hold back on anyone, giving me a few things to think about in regards to my own past reading. I found this part of the book helpful in opening my own eyes a little bit better, and a better view for re-examination of certain things.

In the last part, he rebuilds your knowledge of the true ministry of the Holy Spirit, and how he carries on the work of Jesus Christ. This section – and the book – end with an open letter to a group that is dangerously walking a fine line.

This is a must read for anyone living today. The Church is falling victim to these false teachings and practices more than ever. People are searching and giving into things that have no basis, and no possible way to save them or their soul. You’ll find yourself engulfed in the writings of Strange Fire, and not want to put it down. Completely biblical and packed with information and history, you’ll find MacArthur’s side of the debate based on sound doctrine.

Written by Dan
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