Magento 2 v2.1 First Impressions

We had a small fiasco with our Magento build. Our developers did some things with the code that caused the Magento 2 compiler to break the site. The solution proposed was to rebuild Magento’s installation and then re-apply the new theme. This sounded like a good time to upgrade. Here are my Magento 2 v2.1 First Impressions.

The first thing I was excited about was the support for PayPal tokenization and the possibility of using their Vault. One of the core requirements of the build was to store customer credit cards. This was met with much PCI and PA-DSS compliance research, talks with our data center, talks with Magento. In the end I was ready to resist and recommend we do NOT store credit cards.

This is when I discovered the PayPal Payments Vault. I was very excited when I saw this as an option in Magento 2 v2.1. I turned it on and started exploring. Sure enough, there is also an option to manager stored credit cards in the My Account area.

The second thing I stumbled on was ElasticSearch support. I had set up SOLR on our soon-to-be production server, but I had more problems than not with it. Since we have a managed server service, and we were in a time crunch, I went back to letting MySQL be our source of searching. I had read all about search, and trying to improve ours. Elastic was one that kept coming up in my research. I quickly installed the ElasticServer and was off to the races. Indexing our 120,000+ SKU catalog took about 14 minutes, and after that I was off to the races.

One thing I did have to do was up the up the boolean max clause count. This is really simple, you go into /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml and either change the existing value, or add the line:

[php] index.query.bool.max_clause_count: 4096

I was back in business after that. The search is fast and gives us results on searches that Magento just wasn’t (such as the SKU!).

Next I started installing my extensions. I had some from the big names, Amasty, Magestore, Magefan, LandOfCoder, and some others. I had to upgrade a couple of them, but mostly they just dropped in and worked.

One final stand-out addition is the ability to stage content. I’m excited to explore this and unleash our people here on it.

As for performance, it seems to be the same old Magento in that regards, but with Magento 2 + Caching, I haven’t had any issues with performance at all yet.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade! You’ll need to check your extensions carefully, and if you have any custom theme work you may want to look at that too, but you shouldn’t have any issues. You’ll gain some features, and get a nice sized bug and security fix. This probably should have been Magento 2 v1.00.


Written by Dan
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