Closing out 2016…

When I think of 2016, I think of a busy year. Not only professionally, but personally. I started a new job. Our daughter had her first birthday. I competed in more BBQ competitions. We had a lot going on.

It was a good year.

Some of the highlights of the blog:

Magento 2 API Series
Magento 2 Intro Series

I reviewed two books, that’s something I never do! I even had one of the authors like it. That was really nice.

I switched themes 3 times. That was fun…. I was using the Suffusion theme for the longest time. I wanted something fresh and new, but still simple. I turned to the Bridge theme for a while, then ultimately to the Twenty Seventeen theme. I haven’t done much visually, but I’ll do something during 2017.

I gained more readers. I’m glad people find the Magento 2 tutorials helpful. That was my goal. I find it hard to find simple, to the point tutorials with working code. Especially on API questions. It appears to be useful. Mission accomplished.

I started blogging about things I pick up in my small group. You can read them here and read them here.

I have more to come in 2017, including reviews of development tools, more blogging from my small group, and more Magento and WordPress!


Written by Dan
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