Magento 2 REST API: Disclaimer, Fixing Errors…

One of the most challenging parts of Magento 2 development is how new it is, and how abruptly it hit the market. There were beta versions, and talk of it being released, but I think the general feel from the community was it was never going to happen. Everyone (mostly) continued focusing on 1.x. This was the inspiration of my tutorial posts.

I’ve come to figure out that sending over multiple products and categories does NOT work. When you do that, you end up with only the last one being created/updated. I’m still researching if this is even possible, and have even reached out to the community, but with no luck.

I have omitted the multiple product/category send paragraphs from my previous posts. I really want to apologize for this. It was an unfortunate oversight.

When I figure this out, or find a better solution (such as extending Magento or something), I will most likely make that another “Part” of this tutorial series. In fact, if anyone solves this, please comment, or send me a link to a post and I’ll give you a write up, credit, and link (I won’t steal content).

We’re running into a holiday weekend, I’ll have Part 5 next week!


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