More thoughts on E3 2012…

I was intrigued by the Wii U more than I was when they first talked about it at E3 2011. What I saw last year was a big giant controller with a screen, and the same old under-achieving Wii system. And while I’m not completely satisfied with their hardware upgrades, they’ve at least met the level the Xbox hardware is on, and that might just be good enough for a while longer.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Wii U is Nintendo’s next-gen console. It’s assumed it will be released during the holiday season this year, but they’ve yet to set a date. The controller is a combination of a controller and a tablet like touch screen. You can use it as a portable type system, or you can use it as an extension to the game playing on your TV. It’s quite a concept. So good, in fact, that Microsoft and Sony stole their idea already.

Aside from the Wii U itself, Ubisoft and others are lining up a host of games to release for the system. Far Cry 3, a revamped Batman Arkham City, Rayman, and more. From a personal stand point, I hope some good RPGs are coming. It should be a nice launch for the system.

I was really excited to see some video of The Elder Scrolls Online. This is a game I saw coming 5 years ago when ZeniMax started hiring LUA scripters for a UI interface. To me that screamed MMORPG game client. It’s the same scripting technology behind World of Warcraft and other MMORPG clients. The world looks vibrant. The character models are smooth as always. Set 1,000 yrs before the events in Skyrim, it should be a great game. I’m very anxious to explore all of Tamriel.

Speaking of Elder Scrolls, they gave some insight and a first look at Dawnguard today. If you haven’t heard, Dawnguard will be the first expansion for Skyrim. Its due out June 26. You’ll find yourself with another 20+ hours of storyline, more weapons, mounted combat, and the choice to join the vampires or fight them.

If you haven’t yet, head over to and watch the replay of the interviews, the press conferences, and all the latest E3 trailers. Starting at 10 AM PST tomorrow, they’ll have a live stream until 5 PM PST. It’s a good show. They’ll show off some more game trailers, they’ll report from the floor, and you won’t be disappointed. Their coverage is excellent.

Enjoy the rest of E3!

Written by Dan
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