Why do we put up with old technology…

It seems like the past year has been more about how to make it work with old browsers, than how to innovate and do cool things with the new browsers. Sure, a lot of people are still using IE7 and 8. They’re either stuck on Windows XP with no way to upgrade to 9, or they’re on a corporate computer blocked by out dated IT policies that may, or may not, change. In either case, why aren’t people flocking to a new browser platform?

Certainly a lot of it has to do with bad IT policies. Large corporations don’t move well, especially when it comes to upgrading the software of hundreds, or even thousands of people. A lot of times costs are an issue. Others are compatibility with other archaic systems. It all seems completely ridiculous to me.

The largest corporations are doing themselves a disservice by not installing a browser such as Chrome or Firefox on their networked PCs. They have the tools in place to push packages to everyone with the click of a button. These browsers are more secure, and they can keep themselves up to date. So why don’t they? I don’t know.

Personally I’m about ready to blame us developers. We’ve enabled them to keep their old stuff and have downgraded their web experiences to meet their inadequacies. Never would we say “No, download Chrome.” for fear our bread and butter would dry up. How dare we even entertain the thought of telling them “No.” when they tell us to build it for an old browser.

I’ve decided to personally go on a mini crusade the last few months. I know my two customers are sporting IE8, but I decided that I didn’t care. If they want to see their web sites to be cool and new, which one has asked for, they’re going to have to do some growing up.

I haven’t done anything insane yet. Yet being the keyword. Neither site is done and open for the public. What I can tell you is they both utilize a fair amount of CSS3. What will my customer see when they load up IE8? Dull edges. None styled headers. Does it look bad? Not really. But it’s lacking the flash and pizzazz that they’ve asked for.

Now, before you start shouting “How could you do this to them????”, please ask yourself a question. Do you want to keep designing for 2005, or do you want to innovate for 2015?

Personally, I’d rather innovate, and help get my fellow-man into the future.

Dan Joseph is the CEO and head of Software Engineering of Familiaris Games.

Aside from my personal flash game projects, I am collaborating with Ben Davis on multiple future 
projects, and writing the story and script for an upcoming AAA level RPG, modeled after the same 
type of game play you see in Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy, and other Japanese-based RPGs.  When 
I'm not developing games, I'm working as a Web Developer on various major brand web sites.

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Written by Dan
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