Bringing unity to my world…

I’ve taken a bit of break from programming the last few days. I’ve done quite a bit at my day job, and I really needed to rest that part of my brain. I’ve instead taken to writing more of my story, and working on visuals of the world I’m creating. I was resorting to pen/paper type things, and also some generic notes on my iPhone notepad. I have to admit, I’m not much of an artist at all. I can visualize things, but I can’t lay them out with a pencil.

That’s when I decided to play around with a game creation tool called Unity.

Unity is a game engine and creation package. After 30-40 minutes of reading through tutorials on the basics of the interface, I was off to the races with Unity. I laid out my terrain dimensions, and then put in some mountains and textures. I was able to drop in trees, and create a visual scene rather quickly.

My goal this weekend is to create one of Johnny’s person get-away places. It’s a simple place, flat, up high, and a couple of trees, water, and a cabin. Did he build the cabin? Hard to say really. Perhaps its been there for a long time. Perhaps he bought it. I guess we’ll find out when the game is complete, and we’re all exploring the world.

One of the newest elements of my game is going to be various pieces of history unlocking. For instance, when you first head out to this get-away spot, you’ll unlock a quick scene, and a complete history write-up on the cabin, its history, and how often Johnny goes there. Why not expand the story a bit? I think it should be as full as possible. If you’re going to emerge yourself into the world, you may as well know all of its history.

At my current pace, I’ll have the story done by the end of the year. After that, I’ll start talking out the scripts, and smoothing out the dialogue. The writing itself will most likely need refining, editing, and cutting. I’m sure the story will need reworking in parts. Then if it’s too short, I’ll need to write a bit more, and rework parts of the game.

I love the visual tools that Unity offers. I’ll be able to build pieces of my world that can help me progress better. It can be pieces that I can show to the future world artist, so he can understand what type of world I’ve designed, and bring it to life. If you’re looking for a nice 3D game engine, check out Unity. Its priced right, has plenty of support, and can do anything you need.

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Written by Dan
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