A little rpg fun on twitter…

Ever since the 80s and 90s days of Sierra On-line’s “Quest” games, I’ve been a big fan of PC and Console RPGs. Cinematics and crisp graphics add to the fun fo the game, but the exploration of the world, and the unravelling of a good story are the two main things that keep me going back to the genre.

About two months ago I joined twitter. I honestly only wanted to follow the local sports writers, and possibly interact with some of my friends. Soon after that I expanded to following Stargate actors. Then I got the idea that I could market myself a little better in case I needed to find a new job really quick, or wanted to pick up some freelance work.

I began to follow everyone who was following @VoodooPuppy, a game developer, experience designer, story-teller, and ruler of worlds. Oh yah, they also like gummy bears. I was following 500, then 800, and made my way up to 1500. I noticed that lots of people started following me back. Some were normal people, others were marketing companies, the rest were anything you can imagine. Something I did notice, people were starting to respond.

I’m now followed by almost 700 people. I have a few regulars that I interact with. We all started discovering that we had similar interests. After that, we found out we liked the same video game genres. We started talking about RPGs, JRPGs, and finally started swapping game titles and companies around.

That’s when I decided to compliment @mistwalker on a fine job with Lost Odyssey, an RPG for the Xbox 360. To my surprise, Mr. Sakaguchi himself responded. It was exciting to make a connection with someone who I’ve admired for so long.

There are now six of us that are starting to tweet daily. We’ve even moved into the direction of doing a little Zork styled RPGing with a new hash ‘#twitterpg’. We tossed around a few ideas, sat undecided, and @mistwalker cast the final vote to go with it. A new age in tweeting was born.

Currently, us six adventurers have just slain a mighty beast with our bare hands, and are deciding which bridge to take. I can see myself, @bendavischicago, @RogerReinhardt, @Dan_Tsukasa, @DawnRivers, and @mistwalker looking around this world. It is our’s for the taking, and we’re marching forward into the unknown to battle evil, save the world, and live as heroes.

I now invite you all to start using and following this hash. While we may not be ready to pickup another adventurer quite yet, 140 characters go quickly, I am interested in what other worlds people will come up with, and what adventures you will embark on. As I sit here on my porch on a mild late summer night, I can see the hash in the trend area in the near future. There are thousands of people tweeting and exploring virtual worlds running through our minds.

Imagine the stories that will come out of all of this. An innocent exchange of tweets praising a genre, complimenting a designer, new twitter friendships coming to life, and it is now ballooning into something more. A creative exchange building new personalities and places, inspired by the greatest games ever written.

I invite you all to partake. Form your party. Set a course. Launch your adventure. #twitterpg is your’s for the taking.

Dan Joseph is the CEO and head of Software Engineering of Familiaris Games.

Aside from my personal flash game projects, I am collaborating with Ben Davis on multiple future 
projects, and writing the story and script for an upcoming AAA level RPG, modelled after the same 
type of game play you see in Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy, and other Japanese-based RPGs.  When 
I'm not developing games, I'm working as a Web Developer on various major brand web sites.

You can follow me on twitter @iamdanjoseph.  

If you wish to contact me, please click the contact page, 
and fill out the form.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Written by Dan
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