The age of technology still grows…

Every year I watch the Home Run Derby. As a baseball fan, its one of those traditions that I hope never dies, but still wish they’d revert to the previous format. Still, I found myself in amazement at one more thing they’ve found to improve on technologically. This year they’re showing graphical tags of how far the ball traveled where it lands.

I don’t think I’m amazed personally at what they’re doing, or how they’re showing it. I’m amazed that sports has come this direction. There are so many purists in the broadcast booths today that I’m amazed they even let them run a radar gun or show instant replay.

Tagging home runs isn’t the only thing they’ve started doing this year. A couple days ago I watched a special on FSN Detroit about the angle of the bat in relation to how far the ball will travel, and where it will land. Have we really come to the point in pro sports where we have to condition our players to understand the angle they’re swinging the bat? Do we really need to be that intricate to squeeze 10 more feet out of a hit?

And let’s not forget the Pitchers. They have people on staff with some ball clubs now to analyze the movement of the pitcher, and push them to the very brink of where the body can handle the hard jarring motion of a pitch. Imagine if Nolan Ryan had this type of guy working on his motion. 105-108 MPH could have turned into 115-118 MPH.

But does it really need to come to this? Have we focused too much on technology? I think in some cases we have. I understand the desire to want to strike out more people, or get more multibase hits, but I also understand why the purists want to keep it a game, and not evolve us into machines.

There is an episode of The Twilight Zone called “Steel”. Simply put, Boxing is an outlawed sport for humans. You must use a robot. These robots are stronger and more durable, and there are different models to upgrade to. If we keep overusing technology in sports, could this become reality? Quite possibly.

Still, even if you’re not a fan of over technologing (is that a word??) sports, you have to admit, some of the byproducts are exciting to watch. We all love to see the 100 MPH fast ball, and there is nothing more exciting than the triple. I just hope this doesn’t saturate that excitement.

Here’s some news stories I found interesting today…

Google+ has its minuses

I can’t imagine why anyone would write a negative article on something that is enjoyable, let alone one about an incomplete social network. C-Net’s Jessica Dolcourt does a good job breaking down the aspects of Google+, but it gives an early looker a false sense of what Google+ will evolve into. Maybe you’ll agree with some of it, but I’d keep an open mind.

Secret Service uses Twitter to find bike mechanic

I have no words for this. I am speechless. Just read it…

Finaly Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

I loved Final Fantasy XIII. If you’re a fan of RPGs, and haven’t played it yet, you should. I am looking forward to XIII-2. The early reviews and screenshots are very promising that Square won’t repeat another X-2 debacle.

Comic Con 20111 Coverage

I’ve never been into comics, but recently read the first 3 Jericho Season 3 comics. I really enjoyed them. Aside from the fact that I’m thinking about looking for a new Comic series, this is the 2nd biggest gaming event of the year. This is also a great look at some Sci-Fi.

Finally, congratulations to Robinson Cano, 2011 HR Derby Champion. He didn’t use technology. Just a bat.

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